Stewed Beef Shank with White Radishes

Outdoors it is snowing in great flakes. Indoors  beef broth is warmly bubbling and boiling in an earthenware pot, filling the whole house with the scent of savory meat. This is a food memory for many native Chinese on snowy days. Weather in March is really moody in Philadelphia. The other day we still enjoyed... Continue Reading →

Red Braised Tilapia

A fish dish is indispensable on Chinese New Year Eve feast. No fish, no feast. When treating guests, Chinese usually automatically cook one fish dish. Red braising fish is a classical and home style dish at Chinese people's dinning table. I grew up with eating a lot of fish. However, there is a big difference... Continue Reading →

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New year! At this time,  China is embracing its first day of the year of Dog 2018, when most of Chinese are visiting friends or relatives, wishing them a happy New Year. Living overseas, we omit many traditional rites. But there is one most important rite we always keep- to cook a feast... Continue Reading →

How to Make Chinese Bacon

The 12th month in the Chinese lunar calendar is the pig-butchered season in China. Even for the Chinese New year, only a small portion is consumed. How do people preserve the rest large amount of pork? One answer is: to make Chinese bacon. We call it la rou (腊肉). In many places of South China,... Continue Reading →

Free range chicken and lotus root soup

  A pot of steaming hot free range chicken soup is a heartwarming dish in winter especially on freezing days. First of all, chicken here is supposed to be free range older hens (around 2 years old), grass, insects and grains fed. Without any flavor-stimulating soy sauce, star anise, etc., the chicken can produce exceptional... Continue Reading →

Rice Pearl Balls

Rice pearl balls (珍珠丸子, zhen zhu wanzi) are one of my favorite hometown dishes. They have won almost every friend’s heart, whether Chinese or non-Chinese, especially kids. Every time this dish can be gone very quickly. I strongly recommend this dish to moms. Firstly it is nutritious and tasty, including  staple food, meat and vegetables;... Continue Reading →

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