Vegan Home Style Tofu

Mapo tofu  is a well-known Chinese dish even in the Western world.  Besides, there is one more stereotyped tofu dish-- deep-fried tofu drowned in thick sweet and sour sauces in many Chinese restaurants in the US. Do native Chinese cook tofu in this way? The answer is absolutely no! Chinese have numerous ways to cook... Continue Reading →

Korean Cucumber dish

I happened to see this kind of cucumber at H Mart this Saturday, which is not usually available at local supermarket or farmer's market in Philadelphia. It‘s tagged as Korean cucumber. Actually it's also a common cucumber in South China. Unlike most of the dark green and dry cucumbers locally,  it's succulent, a little sweet... Continue Reading →

Vegetarian Mapo Tofu

I have started to love all the tofu dishes since I was a child. It is around this time, when the Chinese New year is approaching. Like many other villagers, my mom brought 10 kilos of self-grown soy beans to the only family-owned tofu workshop in our village. In one to two days, two full... Continue Reading →

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